This is the first instrumental solo album by  guitarist  Carl Jah.  In content and structure, this highly original concept album is like no other rock guitar recording you’ve ever heard.  Carl has taken the song medley structure to a new level. He calls them “Events”.  Each Event is made up of smaller musical ideas that are run together in a medley form.

...“I got the idea from listening to my car radio. When you turn the dial , stations abruptly appear with no regard to style or content. This idea intrigued me enough to apply it to my album”

Wearing many hats , Carl composed , produced , performed , engineered , and mixed the entire album himself in his own studio “Tadger Sound”. He even made the 8 track LP clock that is on the front cover. He calls it “re-purposed musical folk art”.

As far as the music itself , it’s stylistically all over the map and “sonic consistency” was to be avoided.

...”I call it the HI-LO-FI Process. Lo-Fi analog sounds mixed with Hi-Fi digital sounds. For example I’ll take a 20 year old band rehearsal cassette tape and re-purpose a part I like , then write a entirely new song around it. The old and the new collide. I’ll change up the drum sounds and beats not only song to song , but in the same song.  I also like texturizing the music by adding sound effects from vinyl records scratches and all.  Recording with cheap plastic microphones as well as good quality microphones. Speeding up and slowing down tape machines by using the pitch control and playing them as an instrument. Even using the computer itself as an instrument.  But the common denominator in every song is a strong rock guitar presence”.

In another observation Carl says ...“the problem with most instrumental guitar albums is that without the human voice it’s easy for the listener to tune out. My album has vocals on it , but no singing. By inserting voices here and there the listener is pulled back into active listening , reestablishing focus on the music”.

Cover Art

“The cover art is me!........I like to think of the cover art as a pod or seed hurling through space toward earth containing my DNA and key attributes”.

1. My name is on it.

2.  The Capricorn symbol signifies my astrological sign.

3. I was born at 3:26 am.

4. The records and 8 track tapes represent musicality.

5. The guitar pick represents a guitar musicality

6. The numbers were from a German clock. I am from German ancestry.

7. Red , Yellow , and Blue are the primary colors that all other colors are made from............ Now that’s high concept.

Listening Instructions 

Like a fine meal with it’s many courses , one should move slowly and savor the different flavors and tastes to get the most from the experience.  

This recording is similar. It is offered in 6 courses. Each course is a sonic journey with it’s own flavors and tastes.

Listen to an event.....take a break to let the music settle so you can digest what you’ve just heard...... Than when your ready , continue to the next event.

This way you will avoid musical indigestion.........Bon appetite.


If you want to make your payment by check or money order , send  $10.00 plus $4.00 shipping to.....  Carl Jah Media , P.O. Box 2021 , Dahlonega , GA. 30533.  E-mail for international shipping rates.